Hello World: Meet Phillip Shockey

Welcome to my blog. It is traditional to say Hello World, when starting a blog. So who am I and what am I doing here? My name is Phillip Shockey. I am a credit repair specialist. As a credit repair professional, I help people restore their credit. I understand that mistakes happen. But I’m here to help. My average client raises their score by more than 150 points. If you can afford to hire a firm, that is by far your best course of action. If not, then I plan to publish a load of information, so you can do it yourself.

My main goal in this business is to help people. I don’t think one late payment should keep you from owning the car or house of your dreams. In many ways I am a counselor, helping people navigate from a place of debt to one of prosperity. If you need a professional on your side, don’t be afraid to reach out. And if you a DIY person, then you’ll really want to stick around. I’m going to be sharing the secrets of debt management, credit repair, and financial freedom. This is literally all I do. You’ll be glad you found this site.

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